He Moves
Lift your head off your own shoulder
Though it leaves you feeling older
And your fire is growing colder
With everyone you’re keeping warm
Wring your hands don’t wring your heart out
Rest yourself before you gift out
Feel the wind but don’t you dare doubt
You’ll bear up under the storm
He moves in you he moves in me
He moves in everything you see
You don’t have to change the world all alone
Lift your eyes and look above it
No one said you’re going to love it
If you have to push and shove it
But then leave it where it lies
What is there to do about it
You can live with or without it
Everyone might hear you shout it
But they will never hear you cry
In the hollow of night
You’re alright
And the shallow breath that you take
The way that you shake
But make no mistake
You’re never going to break


from The More I Think I Understand The Less I Can Explain, released December 31, 2009



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Brad Olsen Atlanta, Georgia

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